2017-05-31 06:56 pm


So I have committed fanfic, after a very, very long dry spell. Mostly because the now-11-God-help-me baby has turned into a massive Voltron: Legendary Defender fangirl, and I enjoy it enough that we can geek out together, which is fun.

But gets me thinking. And when I think, I frequently commit fanfic. In this case, fic about "how might a skyscraper-sized millennia-old sentient robot lion see the world?" Y'know, like you do. One Green Lion, mid-series, and one Red Lion, pre-series. Mostly here so I can have an easy-access copy, but comments are very, very welcome. Unbeta'ed, spoilerrific, and heavily inspired by [personal profile] maychorian's Voltron fanfic.

Cut for spoilers, also for passive-aggressive mechanical kittehs )